KEYTIS 04 HOME IO Black Star2

Remote control with feedback for controlling up to 4 io-homecontrol® products.

Applications: Garage door, Gate


  • Pocket remote to control up to 4 items of equipment: garage door, gate, roller shutters, lighting, roof light, etc...
  • Home key to close all access ways at one touch.
  • The keypad of the remote control can be locked to avoid accidental operation.
  • You can enter a code (like the PIN on you mobile phone): added security if you lose your remote control.
  • Visible and audio feedback.
  • Low battery level warning.
  • Can be personalised with coloured clips.


  • Feedback function
  • Home key closing all access points to the home
  • Special STOP key
  • Lock function: the code button locks the remote control to prevent the buttons being pressed accidentally

Dimenzija i težina

  • Širina: 20 mm
  • Visina: 82 mm
  • Dubina: 42 mm

Tehničke karakteristike

  • Radio frekvencija: 868,25 / 868,95 / 869,85 MHz
  • Boja/finiširanje: Black
  • Faktor zaštite: IP 30

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