Movement detector camera STAR

To detect any movement in a room and take photos in case of an intrusion or surveillance

Applications: Garage door, Alarm, Gate, Cameras


Linked to the new Protexial io central units (compatible with this new wireless product), the movement detector with camera detects any movement in a room and, in case of an intrusion, takes up to 4 photos directly sent to the Somfy secured server.


  • Security
    To detect any movement in a room. Can send up to 4 pictures per detection cycle even in total darkness when the alarm is activated or not
  • Peace of mind
    View the home at a distance (children, disabled occupants, elderly)
  • Easy to install
    Totally wireless detector

Dimenzija i težina

  • Duljina: 113 mm
  • Širina: 62 mm
  • Dubina: 58 mm

Tehničke karakteristike

  • Faktor zaštite: IP 31 - IK04

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